martes, noviembre 01, 2005

The novel: Day One

Okay, I'm going ahead with Agapantha.

It's slow going. Priming the pump mostly.

let's talk about food instead!

dinner was a joy tonight! halibut fish packets with rice and baby bok choy. and organic red grapes for dessert. yummy! L* is a culinary genius.

and last night's bread came out rather well (if i do say so myself): rich. flavorful, and wheaty, without too much sweetener. EXCEPT I didn't grease the pan enough and so it stuck and i lost the bottom crust. As long as we have gas and electricty, i can bake bread. but if the grid goes down, we'll need another plan. L* suggest tortillas, but I'm no good at tortillas, whereas i have years of experience baking bread.

2 comentarios:

LadyK dijo...

Hey Ktrion! I did write, right before I went to bed. I'm well in to the first chapter.

Your dinner sounds yummy! I wish I ate that well yesterday...

Eduardo C. Corral dijo...

Thanks for telling me that you saw that other photograph. Strange. And disturbing.

I'm enjoying going through your blogroll.

Cracked Chancla indeed.