lunes, noviembre 21, 2005


Wow, who thought I'd turn 100 before I turned 40

So, this is post #100 for me. I won't write down a hundred things you don't know about me. At least not until I have 100 readers.

But I bet you don't know what I'd look like if I were an anime girl...
Here's how you look

If you were an Anime Girl what would you look like?
brought to you by Quizilla

The quiz itself was pretty lame, but of course we only do it for the pictures! only five questions! You can't possibly know enough about me to render me in the anime world without at least eight questions.

(Does anybody besides me go back and change a couple of answers to see if it would change the result?)

Well, there's no danger of me trading in my little lego avatar. Go make your own at The Mini Mizer . It's way too fun. The temptation to fotoshop it is still very great: I want a trenza instead of a ponytail.

2 comentarios:

sonrisa morena dijo...

this is sooo cool...i liked my little image thingy :-)

La Brown Girl dijo...

I change my answers a couple of times sometimes. My favorite one was the "Which Napoleon Dynamite Character Are You?" I was Pedro.