viernes, noviembre 04, 2005

Adventures in Templates

Okay, obviously I decided it was time for a template makeover!

The banner image is a super close-up of the orange shag rug in my study. I kept trying to do the green shag rug from the living room but a) the color kept coming out grayish, and b) none of the grays on this page went together. so here i am in slightly made-over format.

the book I'm using (Publishing a Blog with Blogger, by Elizabeth Castro) is LOUSY on the why and the how of templates. It's more the in the "you'll figure this out through trial and error" school of computer manuals. Of course, if I didn't have the book to jump off of, I prob'ly wouldn't have changed anything to begin with. L* asking me how to do things on her blog is also a big impetus.

Also, the examples in the book from the authors own blog are Mind-numbing. Home schooling three little white kids. Awww, here's a picture of one of them in front of the teepee their mom made. Homeschooling=scary.

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