lunes, octubre 31, 2005

Grand Total: 7

Seven little trick-or-treaters. All in the 6-10 year-old range, i'm guessing.

of course, at the end, i was handing out big handfuls of 3 musketeers bars, because nothing is sadder than leftover candy. fortunately, i'm not a big fan of 3 musketeers bars, so there's no shameful scarfing in my future.

now it's time to turn off the porch light and focus on tomorrow's class.

my kitchen is clean. my dough is on its second rising.

the kitties are back in the house. i wouldn't let them in while i was baking, because i knew they would want to tippy-toe across my breadboard. so they cried at the front door until the trick-or-treaters came, and then they ran away.

reading sherman alexie has had me thinking A LOT about growing up in northern new mexico. In fact, i know that several of my buddies had cameos in last night's dream. they looked like gulf war vets. first gulf war.

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