sábado, noviembre 05, 2005

Blogging around

What do you do when your partner spends the night at her parent's house?

(No drama involved: she's helping them get the house ready for her dad's birthday bash next weekend)

Well, if you're smart, you go with her. But I didn't. Consequently I spent way too much time on those internets during the last 24. But LorcaLoca led me to Octopus's Garden, which made me laugh out loud. She has her kitty clipped too! I realized from all her cat fotos that our own Mxi and Nxi have not lost quite enough weight yet. In her pictures, the kitty's belly doesn't hang to one side. Back to the Rx cat food, gatas!

And now: to yard work.

Note to L: Nxi slept on the couch, waiting for you to come home.

Another pet related note: L and I saw a news story wherein a pound puppy who'd only been adopted 2 weeks earlier saved his new Daddy's life. What if there's a puppy at the pound right now, destined to save our lives?!? And, you know, with a puppy chasing them around, the gatas would really trim down. Oh well, our lease precludes puppies--even life-saving ones--so we'll return to this topic in a year or so.

Novel news: I'm wondering if the Generalito will make su appearance in the novel. (The Generalito is an Anarchist guerrilla--queer & TG) I always pictured the Generalito in more of a civil war-type scenario than a pandemic, but Agapantha sure is getting lonely!

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you the best part! All my following up on blog rolls led me to La Tarjeta de Antonio! I can't wait to read it!

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