lunes, noviembre 07, 2005

a long walk, an abortive yarn-buying expedition, apple crisp, and polling places

Today I decided to check out the local yarn store, The Knitting Basket in Montclair. Not having a car, I looked up which buses I would have to take. Pretty straightforward: take the 53, walk a twisty path over a bridge, and catch the 15, and you should be able to see the neighborhood. (I've been to the neighborhood before, where you can get a damn fine pizza with a fennel & cornmeal crust)

But after walking the twisty path and over the bridge, I was just getting started, and decided to walk the rest of the way, skipping bus #15 but following its route. about an hour later, I found myself at Lake Merritt. A cool neighborhood, but, um nowhere near montclair. i'm a stubborn little cuss, apparently, because i was convinced that if I kept walking just a *little* farther i would get there. Until I saw the lake. I may be stubborn, but I'm not unreasonable.

Since Lake Merritt has such lovely bus stops, I was able to consult a map and see that, yes, indeed, i had been walking in the wrong direction. (If I had a compass on my keychain, this never would have happened). So I promptly took the #15 in the opposite direction and arrived at my destination very quickly.

Note to the folks at walking directions would be so much more helpful if they included catchy phrases like "Turn Right."

Upon deboarding the bus, I found the yarn store in record time. I was then able to peer through its darkened window to all the fluffy skeins within. The little paper sign taped up to the door declared that they've suddenly switched to a Tuesday thru Saturday schedule, as opposed to the Monday through Saturday schedule posted online and painted so cheerily on their window.

By this time I was feeling positively reckless, and stopped to buy a Super Cactus Burrito to eat when I got home.

Since Monday is L*s l-o-n-g workday, I sometimes greet her upon her return with a wine and cheese party. Today I decided to take another crack at the Apple Crisp. (Last time, the crispy part wasn't all that). This time I used a recipe from the Moosewood Low-Fat cookbook, and added butter. (That's the only thing wrong with those recipes is that in general, they're better with butter). I think it's a definite improvement over the last batch, but I'm going to go write a note on the cookbook to add salt next time.

I have now looked up my polling place, since I'll need to leave the house extra early so i can go vote before I head across the bay. Unlikely to be as adventurous as today's walk, but still, I'll get to see folks from the neighborhood.

Somewhere along the route of my walk, I saw this big bright building in the distance. At first I thought it said Public Library, but as I drew closer, I realized that in fact it said: Perfect Liberty. (I can't remember now if it was a Blue or a Green building, but the letters were big and golden yellow and accompanied by a sun) Wouldn't this get you wondering? Yes, indeedy. Fortunately, a quick google shows me that I was right in my guess as to what it was.

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