sábado, noviembre 05, 2005

Yard work. Survival.

Yard work (on a sunny Oakland Saturday) is a good cure for the blues.

So I was thinking about Survival. Survival theme songs. For some folks, a survival theme song is speaking truth (I will Survive!) a call to arms (I'm a Survivor!). For others, it's the blues. So, the Pet Shop Boys, Dreaming of the Queen:

The Queen said: "I'm aghast
Love never seems to last
However hard you try"
And Di replied

That there are no more lovers left alive
No one has survived
So there are no more lovers left alive
And that's why love has died
Yes, it's true
Look, it's happened to me and you

(I was never sure if it was "And Di replied" or "And I replied.")

I put on Rxi's Mix while I clean the house: to get me in a more upbeat mood, and started cracking up when Mme. Lola Beltran belted out "Soy Infeliz" (giggle giggle)

Time to scare the cats with the vacuum cleaner. There's a fur-covered crescent on the sofa where Nxi has been keeping watching for L*s return.

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