sábado, noviembre 05, 2005

Report from Miami: After Wilma

Lina and Julien are alive and well in Miami. They checked in right away, even though they had to truck out to various relatives houses to even have access to electricity, much less internet.

They need a new back fence and will have to patch the roof. Lina's folks had much more significant roof damage

On October 26 the server came back up and La Mere Julienne had electricity

On October 28th Los Padres Linosas got power.

down here, the hurricane center has already run out of letters for the storms and has begun naming them with letters of the greek alphabet.

[Julien] and i are wondering what they'll do when that runs out... cuneiform, maybe? hieroglyphics??

On October 29th, Lina and Julien spotted convoys of utility trucks, with linemen in the cherry-picker buckets. While they were heartened by the site, they had also been notified that they would not have powered restored to their home until November 15.

so, naturally, we began singing bucket man to the tune of elton john's rocket man.

bucket man...
we think it's gonna be a long, long time
bucket man...

They're high-sprited fellows, those two.

On November 2nd, their electricity came on, and produced happiness beyond measure.
Now they're warm and dry and clean, and working hard to bring order back to their lives.

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