domingo, noviembre 06, 2005

of litter scoopers and NaNoWriMo

so, at noon i was working on the novel.

then i decided to see what other NaNoWriMo folks are blogging, then I read JohnRyan's entry, then I decided that I, too must own the Craftsman RigidTool of kitty litter scoops, and went in search of it, without even having a brand name. I read up on the likely candidtes. I priced them at three different sellers, compared shipping rates (dramatic differences), updated my paypal profile, changed my addresses, verified my checking accounts, et cetera, et cetera

it's now 1:30 and i have not written a single word since noon.

Interesting note related to word counts: I can write 200-400 words in less than twenty minutes if I sit still.

Related note: I can't sit still.

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John dijo...


Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Don't worry about NaNoWriMo. It's still Day 6 and for some it takes time to find a rhythm. The biggest secret I can give is to just write, even if it's threadbare seques from scene to scene, or if it's just qucik back and forth dialogue. Write, and don't look back.

I adore your avatar by the way.

As for the poop scooper, it came from PetsMart. It has a red handle and the name "durascoop" is embossed on the underside. It costs about $12.99. It looks like a holiday-only thing since it had red and gold ribbons on it. You'll find it with all the "get a gift for your pet" holiday stuff. The sale code I found on the reciept was: 0089372500001.

Good luck with the scoophunt and writing!