viernes, noviembre 04, 2005

Margaret, margaret

I was digging on Margaret Cho yesterday, but was disappointed when she went into the whole comparison model of discrimination. i.e. No white person would ever think about saying X to a black person, but they'll go ahead and say Y to the rest of us.

No one would ever dream of mistaking Mary J. Blige for Faith Evans, even in jest – especially in jest. Anyone who would infer that P. Diddy was actually Big Daddy Kane would be immediately fired, and likely banned from broadcasting forever and ever. Yet is somehow is totally okay to ask me why I left “The View.”

We need to change that refrain! As a matter of fact white people don't keep their racism against African Americans private. Why should they? The racists are constantly saying "oh we're so oppressed! The liberals are trying to control our language! We can't even say black people are born criminals even though they are." When calling someone out as a racist is dismissed as being oh-so-PC, oh-so-yesterday, racist folks feel entitled to keep right on. Say something racist? Refer your retractors to your African American spokesperson and you're automatically absolved. A racist white person banned from broadcasting forever? That'll be the day.

Okay, now that I've disagreed with Margaret about something, I just have to say that she totally rocks. From the cover of her new book--Patti/Tania fantasy--to her poster for the American Library Association, to her letters to W and to Arnold, she's one fierce Mama.

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