martes, octubre 04, 2005

Introducing…La Coral

L* and I went to the City on Saturday to see una extravaganza

Since we’d seen “Mastering Sex and Tortillas” (featuring Profesora Mama Chocha) in LA, years back, we were most interested in the new parts of the show: the introduction by Coral Lopez and the second act, featuring Papi Duro and the Latina Sex Bomb.

La Coral opened the show with a fierce stand-up act on queerness, naming, etc. She rocked the house from her warning announcement of “no flash photography.” In the opening she was total chicanita, like the students with their little pigtails and attitude. In the second act she was the Latina Sex Bomb and stole the show.

On the way home we talked a lot about the show. The difference between standup and performance. Por ejemplo, Marga Gomez is known for standup, but I saw her play her father in “A Line Around the Block,” and she was fabulous. Truly performance art. Highs and lows, and more moods than just laughter. The folks who went for her standup dismissed it saying “she wasn’t that funny.”

Luis Alfaro. Goes without saying. That man can pack some serious emotion. I wish I’d gotten the chance to see his ELECTRICIDAD…

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