miércoles, octubre 12, 2005

you know it's time

You know it's time to write a new entry blog when you've read all your favorite blogs out there and are still hungry for more!

Why is it that some habits (soy latte, macaroons) you can build up without even thinking about it, while others (writing, exercise) slip away from you when you're not working at them?

I didn't write (blog) since last Friday and I didn't exercise either. I sat in my office chair for days on end, ostensibly working on a presentation. finally came to terms with that and now it's behind me.

At least I *have* an office chair. L*, mi diablito, has been making do with a folding chair since the move: we did get that taken care of!

with blogging: I think at least part of what was going on, was that I owed emails to too many people, and didn't want to post until I was all caught up. I still actually owe one more--to my new cousin, who sounds totally cool.

i posted the study guide for the midterm for one of my classes, and now I have the pleasure of seeing all the students log in and then download the lecture notes from the past eight weeks.

Mxi and Nxi are out enjoying the morning. those gatas are so full of beans these days! chasing each other throughout the house. calling out for someone to come play in the middle of the night.

Whoo, hoo! Lorna Dee's got a new book of poetry coming out!

bueno, i gotta get myself to campus. grad students coming and I need to make sure i got office space for meeting.

My sister C7e told me to bring my walking shoes when I come for Tday: she wants to make sure we don't all get cabin fever in her house and drive her crazy.

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