miércoles, octubre 05, 2005

At the Office

i found out the little campus snackstore carries crystal geyser bubbly water, so i am enjoying a refreshing beverage while i print out the Report of the University Writing Task Force (which we'll be discussing at my second meeting of the day.)

i'm using my antibacterial wet ones (individually wrapped, from our OH-CA road trip) to wipe off the germs of public transportation (and a quick swipe of the keyboard while I'm at it)

L* is very concerned about the avian flu. It’s not a consuming interest for me, but i do appreciate the need for good hygiene. in fact, one of the cool things about using online course management systems is that students can turn in their assignments and i can grade them without catching a cold.

i spent the BART and shuttle ride over reading the final installment of Gardens in the Dunes. I’m winding down now. The last three chapters are really my favorite part of the book, and this time I’m understanding it a little better. At first I thought Delena was buying guns for the Mexican revolution (which doesn’t work out time wise) but now I know it’s for the Yaqui uprising.

as a result of that onroad reading, though, i’m feeling a bit queasy, so i ‘specially appreciate my bubbly water.

my office earthquake kit now consists of 11 bandaids, four tampons, dental floss, two doses of anacin, some dried fruit, and one teabag. seems pretty meager, now that i spell it all out. at least the anacin and the teabag have caffeine.

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LadyK dijo...

Did you enjoy Gardens in the Dunes?

Glad I'm not the only one that appriciates good hygine (also very happy to know that others wipe their keyboards down with antibacterial wipes!)

Fascinated by your earthquake survival kit. I particularly like the 4 tampons, dental floss, and one tea bag ;)