miércoles, octubre 26, 2005

Romanesco Broccoli

Too weird! Have you seen this stuff?

We got it in our vegetable basket this week. I mean it's beautful!

But, we don't like Broccoli**. or Cauliflower. And Romanesco is a cross between Broccoli and Cauliflower! and a mind-boggling one at that. Definitely looks like a sculpture!

We're good eggs, though, so we'll boldly go.

Last night: Salad with pears, parmesan, and pomegranate. Yummmmmm!

**Chinese broccoli is a whole 'nother story. I could eat Chinese broccoli twice a week!

2 comentarios:

LadyK dijo...

I've heard of this. Here (being "all the way" in Ohio hehe) it's called 'brocflower' or smomethig like that.

Laughing out loud at NaNoWriMo logo comment.

Of course I'm trying to stay on top of geog, but it's not looking promising...

So, when I read the 'Nano' post, for some reason I thought you meant another JM (it's not like there is only one person with the initials "JM" right?) so when I go to see my advisor (the ws film scholar JM), I said, with my BIG mouth-- "Ohh, I see you've been challenged by C* to write a novel like me?" Her: "WHAT! What are you talking about?!?!?!" She looked terribly confused. Me: "..." two minutes--"...ummm Perdone, mete la pata..." Just scratch the whole conversation.

LadyK dijo...

How's the weather in Cali? Terribly cold here. What does the title of your novel mean/ what's it going to be about?