viernes, octubre 07, 2005

Who are we to Judge?

L* and I have this running joke about the CNN anchors, Aaron Brown and Anderson Cooper...

Now mind you, I have a rule in the house: no celebrity gossip.

And L* , as you know, is a major CNN-slut

Anyway, L* says, on the blogs, they're all talking about Andersen and Aaron as Fire and Ice. And then we said, the next thing you know there's going to be all this Anderson/Aaron slash fiction.

(That's Andersen/Aaron porn fiction: where fans write about the torrid sex that goes on behind the scenes)

Oh, maybe that's why the show has them both standing at a table, with no place to sit down, like some weird kind of busy Starbuck's...

Okay, so anyway, (back to no celebrity gossip) CNN white girl was reporting about Tom Cruise and the girlfriend who is not Penelope Cruz, and how she's pregnant and so they are announcing their engagement. And Anderson says "I must have missed something," i.e. how can they be so shameless announcing the pregnancy and they're not even married yet, and white girl says back "Who are we to judge" and Aaron says "who, indeed"

and in my fantasy, Andersen stands up (well, he's already standing up), and says "WE ARE FAGGOTS, that's who we are, and that's what we do: WE JUDGE!"

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