lunes, octubre 31, 2005

Magnets in My Ears

L*'s family had this taunt: "Curlers in your hair! Shame on you!"

It's pretty self-evident, i think, since it immediately brings to my mind don Alfonso's judgments on be-curlered women in fuzzy slippers at the grocery store, and warninga bout what would happen to me if i went that route.

So, anyway, I've noticed that if i spend too much time with audiobooks, there's this weird CHARGED feeling in my head and throat, like my blood is thrumming.

And just last night I realized that my headphones are magnetized. Are yours? can you touch the little suckers together or do they repel one another? Can these magnets in my ears be doing me some harm? Should I switch to the headphones with the least magnetic force?

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