domingo, octubre 02, 2005

grants, minigrants, and other deadlines

Trying to work on the application for the grants that are due tomorrow. 
I'm having some trouble framing it and wish I’d asked for advice sooner.

What I need to get done (as soon as possible) is the critical reader.  This is an anthology of previously published fiction by both well-known authors and those work circulated only in a very limited way.

What it will take to accomplish this: $$ for reprint rights and author's fees, a research assistant, and limited time.  Of these the money for the reprint rights and for student employees is the most important, so perhaps that means I should be applying for the Minigrant.

Bueno, I’ll save “time off” for another year :)

The main part i need to work on is the budget, so I need to imagine how many hours of work I’ll need from a TA, as well as how much money to devote to royalties, reprint rights, etc.

L* has been so sweet as to offer to read a draft if I can get it together. (She recommended I include the full book proposal)

Mxi is sullenly cleaning petromalt off of her face. I don’t know why she should be grouchy: I’m the one who had to clean up cat-butt-scooties off of my rug

Now I am being paid back for giving my grad students such tough comments last week. Now I’m the one who has to explain the methodology, justify my research plan, explain, expand, and develop.

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