miércoles, octubre 26, 2005

Meme - Whatchu need?

Got this from Goddess. You do a google search of your name followed by "needs." (be warned, though, there's lots of nasties out there!)

1. Catriona needs to learn about reinforcing her models where they are a bit flimsy.
2. Whilst Kevin has few problems with his commitment, Catriona needs plenty of it to get her thorough the next stage of her journey
3. Baroness Catriona needs waterbearing bottles for May Faire.
4. She believes she needs to regain her honor, but what she really needs is to learn self-acceptance. Catriona is striking figure. She is six feet tall.
5. Catriona believes that we need a strong paradigm shift when it comes to our attitudes about sport and physical activity.
6. Catriona needs to be mindful of planning ahead to avoid any possible asthma flare up.
7. Catriona desperately needs Dominic to claim the child, so she agrees to a bargain.
8. Catriona has broken down her overall learning need into more detailed skills
9. Catriona is afloat on River Deben. She’s a lovely old boat but needs badly needs some attention.

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