lunes, octubre 24, 2005


L* and I had a lovely evening on Saturday with EMc & J and company, and were totally smitten by Xuey, their tiny Chihuahua. Not only would she jump in my lap and lick my ears, but later in the evening, she made her appearance in a stunning SuperMan outfit, complete with cape. L* was won over by the idea of the little dogs being bred to keep you warm. Xuey has those ears like bat wings: I'll fly away!

Xuey was way cuter in her costume than this dog.

Wish we'd smuggled her home. Although the Nxi was very moody the next day, so she must have sensed our intentions.

(Buddy is also a very cool and mellow guy--I don't mean to damn him with faint praise!)

J's paintings really caught our attention and kept us thinking, as did his riveting stories.

I know we kept going on and on about the view in their apartment, but WOW! Lake merritt at night!

What a wonderful evening with wonderful new friends.

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