martes, enero 24, 2006

Who will be hardest hit?

MO: I can't imagine a more important priority than the bird flu
It's something that's going to happen. How bad it's gonna be we don't know.

Oprah: And we're not prepared for it?

Oprah: Who is most at risk?

MO: traditional flu we think oldest and youngest.
Those under 20 were particularly hard hit in 1918
55% of all pregnant women died during that epidemic

Emphasizing how dependent we are on the global economy

Oprah: Is this like New Orleans not shoring up the levees?

MO: Yes, but it's more like saying Portland, Oregon needs to worry about storms in the Gulf Coast

Oprah: the media is giving it the same press as any other news story. The same coverage as Brad & Angelina

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