miércoles, enero 04, 2006

Library books are making me sneeze

I've started my second library book of the day, and it has me sneezing.

After years of being free from sinus infections, now that I'm back in California, my old friend is dropping in on my nose and saying "hey!"

I'm working on my s/f class, but I keep getting distracted. That is, I was distracted by Fools Crow and now I'm distracted by Bone Game. Bone Game is a novel I have put off reading for a long time. (9 or 10 or 11 years?) Shame on me, denying myself this way. Wickedly funny.

Sad to be reading it after Louis Owen's death. Because on the one hand, you're laughing with the main character, "you see what academia does to us?" and on the other hand, you look over to where Louis Owens isn't, and say yeah, I see.

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