lunes, enero 02, 2006

Wedding Dream

I dreamt the other night that my sister staged her own fake wedding.

And I missed it!

She was marrying husband #1 and it was a big affair, and my parents were both misty, and I, of course, had scheduled things wrong and I wasn't able to stay for the whole thing. She was really going over the top with the wedding, and I saw husband #1 once--he seemed like the nineteen year-old he was twenty-five years ago.

So there I am, explaining to my sister that I'm going to have to leave before the ceremony because I mis-scheduled, but that I had still wanted to drop by. And she was in a great mood--not stressed out by any churlish spouses (as she frequently is in real life).

So I leave, and then later I'm at the airport when some other relatives come by and tell me that the whole thing was just a build-up but that she had never intended to get married. husband #1 wasn't even there, and my sister did some performance piece with the white dress and fake blood.

and my parents were very very mad at her, because she had played them.

And I woke up very unhappy with myself for having missed it, especially since--if I was at the airport at the same time as the relatives who had attended--I could just as well have stayed.

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