miércoles, enero 25, 2006

Somewhere Else

Today I finished reading a book of poetry. somewhere else by Matthew Shenoda. He's a colleague of mind. [that's a typo, or maybe a freudian slip, so i'll leave it there] Sonia Sanchez, in her introduction to his book, quotes José Martí to describe Shenoda: "When there are many men without honor, there are always others who bear in themselves the honor of many men."

It's amazing reading this poetry. There are two sections, that are pretty dramatically different. In a gross oversimplification of the complexity, i would say that one is "homeland" and one is "diaspora." That's not really true, (since these both appear in both sections of the book, not to mention in the same poem) but it gives you an idea about the shift.

Shenoda speaks truth to power, which is what i expected, but not how I expected it.

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barbara jane dijo...

shenoda was a teacher of mine during my second to last semester of grad school. somewhere else is an excellent book, and i agree with you re: the historical-geographic-cultural complexities of "the shift."

also, i just wanted to say hi :-)

nubian dijo...

are you at sf state? i did an ethnic studies masters there, right before i think shenoda started there.
cool dude though

Ktrion dijo...

Hey, wow, it really is a small world!

Yep, i'm at SFSU, where it is currently both rainy and foggy, and, do i also see a rainbow and a patch of blue sky?