martes, enero 24, 2006

Oprah: What should we be doing right now?

Oprah: Explain what Tamiflu is and will it work?

MO: It's very effective with the (normal) flu, but doesn't work as well with the bird flu
The Bird Flu will affect your lungs, your liver, your kidney, your intestinal tract.
You will need it within hours of becoming infected, and prob'ly at higher doses.

Oprah: How can we hold the government accountable

MO: I have to give a lot of credit to the president. We have trouble believing in this: We're in the age of modern medicine. We're assuming that we'll have full access

Oprah: I'm not assuming a thing after today

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brownfemipower dijo...

you wanna see some scary uncensored shit on this, go to democracy now website--amy goodman did an interview with some guy who studies this shit, and he laid it out flat no holds barred--no need for amy to pull an oprah and force some guy to take accountability for things--this guy was telling it like it is--and he incorporated a socialist perspective into it--talking about how our capitalistic hosptial system will be destroyed by this, and how our capitalistic individualistic neighborhoods are leaving us totally unprepared to harnass the resources folks in the neighborhood might be able to contribute (for example, if a person on the block is a nurse, s/he could potentially take care of three or four houses)--this guy said that the only city that even has the possibility of surviving an all out epidemic is San Fran....anyway, you want to be overwhelmed with scary ass depression at how hopeless the whole situation is---go to democracy now!! ;-)

ojos abiertos dijo...

the president. credit? whaaaaaaaaaat?

Ktrion dijo...

Hey, brownfemipower!

You should totally go see Ojos Abiertos's website (for a whole other kind of radical WoC organizing)

brownfemipower dijo...

what a great site!! thanks for that!

Ktrion dijo...


See, now, how am I supposed to take anything this man tells me seriously, when he keeps holding up BUSH as a good example of preparedness??!!