domingo, enero 22, 2006


Blac(k)ademic has a fierce read of the L-word.

L* and I have just watched the first two episodes of season 3 (we saved 'em up so we could watch them together).

When I saw the opening credits, I thought there were gonna be more jotas on the show, but no, those Spanish names signified Carmen's familia.

Trying to figure out how fierce hip-hop Carmen has now turned into super-bombshell, always with her familia, passing as straight. (L* says she's bound to come out, though).

So we're watching the depiction of Carmen's mother and saying things like "we are such a loving-welcoming people." Though, apparently we're not that savvy, since the familia is supposedly clueless about Carmen's sexuality. (Again, Carmen's new blazing-femme makeover adds to the dissonance). In our own Latino families, everyone and her brother would already know that we, Carmen, Shane, and prob'ly that Luis, are all queer.

I sez to L*, "do families really introduce their lesbian daughters to men? or is that a trope?"

A trope, says she.

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