viernes, enero 06, 2006

What three letters best describe my day?

Well, it seemed like it started off well. I got our black-cherry cajita to the car dealership on time for her appointment (tune-up and smog-check), got a shuttle ride back home. L* and I had a plan: she would take BART to school. I would pick up the car. She would call me when she was done with her meeting and I would pick her up.

Only, where did I leave my cell phone?

We call it from L*s cell phone, but we don't hear it ringing.

Could I have dropped it in the car dealership's shuttle?

So I call them. They check all three shuttles, but no phone.

(I call it again, just in case it's really there and they need the audible stimulus to find it)

I go out to the street across from our house.

Sitting on the curb, i find the neatly placed remainder of my cell phone, now in two parts.

This blows my day.

I have to go get a new cell phone. L* and I walk to BART together. She goes South (East) and I go North (West). My plan is to buy the phone in Downtown Oakland, then call the dealership to check on my cajita Then go home, and when the cajita is ready, I can have the dealership come pick me up.

Even with the cheapest available model, it's still more than I wanna spend on a new cell phone. Oh well, at least now we have that extra charger we've been wanting.

Only...the phone wouldn't be operative for 3-4 hours. Ummm, and what about all my plans involving cell phones? I can't even text L* to tell her what's up.

After more of the same, I'm sitting in the dealership, waiting to pay to get my car (which has NOT been smog-checked), and the hitherto uncooperative cell phone springs into life and tells me I have a text message from Luz.

Cut to the chase: it all works out.

Next task: to program in cell phone numbers, none of which made it through the reincarnation. I'm going through my address book on my computer and seeing what a lousy job i've done keeping track of phone numbers. I'm also humming "Cell Phone Got Runover By a Reindeer" beneath my breath.

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