martes, enero 24, 2006

Oprah: Opening it up to audience questions

??: What will this do to our blood supply

MO: Important question. Elective surgeries will disappear. right now we keep a lot of people on ventilators. We'll be forced to make decisions whether to make those ventilators available to young people.

Oprah: We never imagined people dying in the street

MO: After Katrina, government put out a call for truckers. A lot came in support for that. Literally within hours, that had an effect on the food supply for the rest of the nation.

??: I manage a busy retail pharmacy. Sometimes we run out. When we run out of prozac, we replace it with paxil. What will we do if we run out of Tamiflu? There are no other options. Plus, I've noticed a lot more of the tamiflu is being dispensed to doctor's (for personal use) and their families. Is this fair?

MO: Discussion of the two influenza drugs no longer effective for ordinary flu. We don't want that to happen with Tamiflu. So we don't want people taking it right now. If there is an epidemic, I would think I want the health care workers to receive Tamiflu so they can be there for the rest of us


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