jueves, enero 05, 2006

San Francisco Public Library

If you get off at the Civic Center Bart station, go upstairs and cross the street, you'll be at the San Francisco Public Library, Main Branch.

It's so fabulous! I love it! It's beautiful. And they gave me a card even though I live in Oakland.

They had the books I wanted, and even really helpful people to find them (after I looked three times and failed).

I was able to find Vizenor's Bearheart, but failed at Starship & Haiku. Since I had mentioned it here on the blog, I did harbor the fear that one of my readers had beat me to it. But no, dear readers, I done you wrong. The guy at the the Page desk made two trips and found it for me.

Now I am rich in library books.

Reading James Welch and Sherman Alexie and Louis Owens has me thinking New Mexico thoughts and wanting to wear my jeans and boots. I really wanted to take my Leatherman with me today but finally decided against it. I need a belt so I can use my fabulous leather belt sheath. I wonder if I'm allowed to take my Leatherman on Amtrak? Prob'ly only in checked baggage.

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