miércoles, enero 04, 2006

Puffy dream

In Fools Crow the main character wears a capote made out of blackhorn [buffalo] robes.

capote |kəˈpōt| |kəˌpoʊt| |kəˌpəʊt|
noun. historical.a long cloak or coat with a hood, typically part of an army or company uniform.

I dreamt last night about a little boy who liked fluffy puffy things: clothes, stuffed animals, quilts.

He was a sweet an loving little boy. He was madly in love with an older male figure (his dad? his brother? his uncle?).

The guy hated that the little boy wasn't more tough, "hard."
Kept discouraging him from the puffy things, trying to ignore them on the one hand, disparaging them on the other.

The little boy was especially excited by his newest present: it was like a little puffy quilt that the boy could wear. a capote. He put on some plain pyjamas and ran off to to wake up his (uncle?) to show him his new puffy capote. The uncle complimented the boy on his plain pyjamas and ignored the capote, carrying the little boy off without his capote.

Now the little boy is like twelve, and he's no longer the sweet loving child, because all the softness has been stripped away from him. His uncle finally understands. The dream ends with the uncle bringing a puffy capote to wrap the boy in, to bring the softness back.

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