jueves, enero 05, 2006

An expedition to the city

Today I'm off to SF, for my first visit to the Public Library, Main Branch. Because they have the books I want. Gerald Vizenor's Bearheart, for one, and a book that the other geekgrrl on campus recommended, Starship & Haiku.

I love having access to the public libraries of Oakland and (now) San Francisco. They have all these books that my university library doesn't. And many copies, usually. The Dimond branch of the Oakland library has the Native American collection. The Cesar Chavez branch has the Chicano collection (it's a very sad little branch, though. Newer but poorer in books.)

I also plan a quick run up to campus to pick up my laptop and some letterhead. I want to bring my laptop home as a backup for L*'s which has been crashing.

I am also delighted to now have a current California Driver's License. I think I look like "a lady" in my picture, but L* says I look like Frida.

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