miércoles, febrero 01, 2006

You are what you eat

Sonrisa's blog made me laugh, 'cause she's all eating healthy.

I don't believe in diets, but I guess I'm on one. Sort of.
My cholesterol was high. (My bad cholesterol. L's good cholesterol is high, which is a good thing.)

I'm a vegetarian, for pete's sake. cholesterol comes from animals! How is this possible? I mean, back when I used to sneak chorizo and sourdough bacon cheeseburgers, I coulda maybe seen it. But that was ten years ago!

Now, as you know, my favorite way of eating enchis is with an egg on top.

Do you think the natural food place has been sneaking raw eggs into my smoothies? Nothing else explains it.

I tried the "it's genetic" line on L* but she totally wasn't having it. And my mom Doña Leora also exercises a lot like L* and also has high good cholesterol, so forget about it.

So, less total fat for me (no more sinister macaroons, even if they're vegan!) And more walking.

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sonrisa morena dijo...

i get happy when i make other people laugh...this is my first diet ever!!! AND i hate it!!! i haven't had any fried foods since i got back from mexico. anywho, like my sister keeps telling me "si se puede!! si se puede!!"