viernes, febrero 03, 2006


I woke up this morning to no internet! I was so stressed. First I ran through the whole process: turn off the Airport, turn of the cable modem. wait one minute. shutdown computer. Then turn them all back on again in a different order. finally called the cable company and it turns out they were having an outage.

but i couldn't check the weather, i couldn't look up the phone number to the cable company, i couldn't check my email.

on the other hand, i smiled a lot this morning, because it was so early and today is trash day, and someone was quietly making his way up the block, removing something from the recycling bins. I just love it when folks take from the recycling. i just think it's so cool. it's taking the recycling one step further.

Now the sun is coming up and my neighbors are on their way to school/work. When we first moved in we never saw them for precisely this reason. We wake up at nine (when the U's are not in session) and they're gone by seven-thirty.

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