miércoles, febrero 22, 2006

Too much American Idol!

Two hours is way too long. Don't know that I'll have the energy to sit through the boys tonight. (Although I still have to finish the fringe on the prayer shawl I'm crocheting, so who knows?) Why do you think all the Anglo girls were styled and dressed alike?

Hurray for Paris singing Midnight Train to Georgia.

Do you think Paula Abdul's face doesn't move when she talks because a) Botox is paralyzing her facial muscles or b) she's on major drugs?

Screened three awful videos on American Indians in the 19th Century yesterday. Going with the lesser of the evils and going to direct my students in how it constructs authority and knowledge before they view it.

And then, in the science fiction class, ST:TNG, Birthright, Pt. Klingon nationalism. It's no coincidence that Worf is wearing a black turtleneck through the whole episode. And contrast Picard's assertion that Data is "a culture of one, no less valid than a culture of one billion" and Ba'El, the mixed-race woman of color who must remain in the prison colony because her very existence troubles all existing paradigms.

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LadyK dijo...

Ummm, I'm going to go with C.)both A and B. Hahaha, I was thinking that. Plus, I really hated her hair! YIKES! Yea for Paris! I think she, Mandisa, and Lisa were the best, followed by Kinnik. But then again, I'm biased. But someone please, tell me what we have to do to get rid of that snooty evil one! What was her name? I'm sure you know who I mean.