miércoles, febrero 01, 2006

Favorite TV shows...

Hey, so I was just reading Pomegranate Queen, and she got tagged so she was listing her tv shows and I though, hmmmm, how convenient that I totally forgot to list Law & Order,

Dun-DUNH, and all its offshoots.

and, um, American Idol, which is starting to convince me that everyone in this country is seriously emotionally disturbed. Both the people looking for their 15 seconds of fame, and the rest of us full of schadenfreude. Although, lately, I've started raving to L* about this constantly ("What did they think was gonna happen?" "Do you think they have delusions of grandeur like serial killers?") to the extent that I think I'm starting to worry her.

2 comentarios:

LadyK dijo...

Haha, don't we all have "delusions of grandure" to some extent? And yes, we are all seriously emotionally disturbed. How can we not be? I really think they must pay some of those people to do that. Would any self-respecting person really go on that show willingly knowing they can't sing?!

I too love L&O. Especially SVU. Since you too are a fashionista, have you seen Project Runway?

Ktrion dijo...

Claro que sí!

I love Project Runway, but I've only seen the first two episodes.