lunes, febrero 27, 2006

Octavia Butler has died...

I just found out that Octavia Butler has died.

I thank you,
for coming into our lives
for painting women of color in the future
for God as Change, Chaos, Clay
for Dana and showing us how we're always-already compromised
for Lilith who looks her man in the face and says "of course I know why I was chosen"
for your so seductive first construct ooloi
for your women who never look like starlets
for giving us the universe (and that one over there, too)
for driving me to pack a bag for under the bed

3 comentarios:

hysterical blackness dijo...

That's a wonderful thank you list.

I've got my bag packed too.

Dark Daughta dijo...

Thank you for making SF futures where powerful, centered Black people still exist.

Ktrion dijo...


I'm wondering if I can organize a marathon reading on my campus to commemorate Butler.