domingo, febrero 05, 2006

Sa-Sa-Sa-Saturday Night

Thank L* for the fact that I finally put in pictures of the BART ads I was talking about. We took BART into the city last night to see Buchlalis de Panochtitan perform at Galería de la Raza. I pointed out one of the ads to her and she said "you couldn't find a picture?" and I realized, (duh!) given how obnoxious those things are, there's got to be lots of web coverage. (I had initially looked on the Oakland diocese's website, couldn't find pictures, and gave up).

We're still stewing in our pre-writing phase, before we start the piece we're writing together on BdP.

Saturday's performance was full of new material and new guests, and that was really exciting. Of course, I was less interested in the pieces that went the stand-up comedy route, and more interested in the performance art/spoken word/extraVaganza.

Lots of new video. Some really amazing footage from an oral history.

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Artichoke Heart dijo...

Hi Ktrion! I wanted to (belatedly) thank you for your nice comments on my Word Betrayals post from awhile back. And YES, you can absolutely use it for your class if you like. I'd be delighted and honored! :)