martes, febrero 14, 2006

Do I only have so many words?

I've been catching up on emails to family and friends lately, and as a result my blogging is way down.

I've always written long narrative emails, and I haven't kept a journal. Since I've been blogging regularly (last fall), my emails have gotten shorter and infrequent. Sometimes I'll start writing an email to a friend and then, instead, cut it all out and paste it all in my blog.

Makes me wonder if a) my email communication has always been "all about me" and b) whether I only have so many words in me.

2 comentarios:

brownfemipower dijo...

this made me laugh--thank heavens there is somebody else like me...when I went on the chrystos weekend, my husband kept asking me how things went, and I finally told him to just read my blog. I was just too exhausted to try to explain things all over again to him. He wasn't very happy with me. ;-)

I think it is not so much a certian number of words, but a certian amount of emotion...

sonrisa morena dijo...

wow!! i do the opposite, i cut and paste stuff from my blog over to my personal e-mail when friends ask me how i'm doing.