sábado, febrero 25, 2006

Rally for Immigrant Rights

On December 16th, the US House of Representatives passed HR 4437, one of the most anti-immigrant legislative proposals in recent memory. The proposed legislation would make it a felony to be in the US without proper documents.

The proposal now goes before the Senate.

Joins us for a rally to defeat HR 4437

That’s what we’re up to in Fruitvale today. I’ve written to the Senators about this bill and of course my good friend Dianne Feinstein always writes back that as the granddaughter of Russian immigrants she appreciates the struggle immigrants face but believes that we must have strong rules for those who enter the country illegally. Cabrona.

Now I have to go for my walk early, because my back has been a disaster this week (I didn’t walk last weekend) and my nerves were in tatters. Exercise, my daughter. Be strong, smart, and bold! Stand tall!

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brownfemipower dijo...

boy, that fienstien is just about as scary as lieberman. not quite but almost.

i hear ya on the walking girl, i've been trying like hell to do some walking--and just when I start to feel better, something happens like a period or a celebration, where I say, screw it, I don't want to today, and that about ends my walking for the next two years.

you can do it!
strong and powerfully striding that asserts your place outside the box!!

brownfemipower dijo...

ps ktrion, where is this rally and who is holding it?

LadyK dijo...

YIKES! I hope I didn't aid in the tattering of your nerves?!?!

I admire anyone that exercises. Perhpas I should do that and maybe I wouldn't be so stressed? I told my gf that you walk and do the marathon thing, and her response: "Sweet! She's so cool. We should train and do that too." My response: "Are you serious?!? You are aren't you? How about we just walk to the resturant down the street and eat." But now I'm thinking I really should take on some kind of physical activity and better my health...

La Brown Girl dijo...

I second the "Cabrona" comment.

Cracked Chancla dijo...

*rolls eyes at la cabrona*

Ktrion dijo...

Hey BFP,

The rally was in the playground of a Catholic school in Fruitvale, Oakland. I heard about it from my union (CFA) and unions seemed a big part of organizing it, as did the Interfaith Justice people.