viernes, febrero 03, 2006


New anti-choice adz by catholic diocease. Theocrats tip their hand.

I'd seen these ads in the trains on BART, always featuring a Anti-Choice ads on BART 1white woman and a white background.

The one I saw this morning featured an African American woman on a white background, but her face was like through a thick fog, mostly whited out.

here's a news release from the Catholic League, about how most of the ads have been defaced. (ha, the women of color were already "de-faced" by the ads themselves!)

OK, apparently I'm 2 weeks behind the times on this issue, because the ads appeared in mid-January (yes, before the Alito vote). But classes at SFSU just started on the 30th, so I just got back on BART last week. But here's Jon Carroll's chronicle editorial on the ads and the interesting things people wrote on them.

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