lunes, marzo 13, 2006

Year of the Rabbit?

[Cool graphic from Enrique's Web Pages]

So in our household, we academic poch@s xican@s read in the SF Chronicle that in the Aztec Calendar, this weekend marked the new year, Tochtli, the Year of the Rabbit. We're kind of wondering "is this for real"-- i.e. is this an ongoing movement, or is this a contemporary re-claiming. Which is also our questions about danzantes, matachines, and Aztec Dancers, Do these all refer to the same thing. I'll have to ask the two people I know doing research on this, Elisa and Norma.

(I've always loved how tuff these rabbits look! My sister and I used to tease each other about killer rabbits, and that's what these tochtli look like, like they could kick some predator butt)

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Xolo dijo...

Have you found out anything? My guess is that it is a re-appropriation/invention of tradition sort of thing.