lunes, marzo 27, 2006

Foto courtesy of YoMo

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brownfemipower dijo...

this is so beautiful...i am just so fucking inspired and amazed by how many showed up for this thing--i'm a little worried by the talk (we just want to be americans like you!) but I am, none-the-less, so proud and thrilled to see latinos out fighting.

ps from the time it took me to post my last comment to this comment, i've had time to think about your other post linking marriage rights with immigration rights--and i think that this linking of issues is what is so desperatly needed in the immigration movement right now--it's time, i think, to understand that immigration rights are not just about being able to be a part of a racist/classist/homophobic/sexist genocidal system, but actually reforming the system by centering the violence and degradation of immigration "reform" in the movement--anyway, just some thoughts

Xolo dijo...

That sign shows the need to further educate Mexican-Americans.

"We growed your food"?

Que' verg:uenza!

Ktrion dijo...

Geez, Xolo,

I thought the power of the statement more than made up for the incorrect conjugation of an irregular English verb.