martes, marzo 21, 2006

The Senator from California says...

No, not the real Senator from California. I'm still stuck in TV-land.

I’m trying to track down Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda)’s description of California as the micro/macrocosm that is America from Sunday’s West Wing.

Amended: March 27

Vinick: The one state that has everything: big cities, small towns, mountains, deserts, farms, factories, fishermen, surfers, all races, all religions, gay, straight, everything this country has. There's more real America in California than anywhere else. If I can win California I can win the country.

Bruno: That's a nice speech just don't say it into any microphones. Because everyone else in the 49 other states thinks that California is a giant psycho ward.

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julien dijo...

great to talk to you. Our respective dramas brought to mind a saying coined by my good friend and colleague 'Dr. Al Jolson':

Operator: "911, what is your emergency?"

Caller: "I have a family!"

Ktrion dijo...


We think of you with every earthquake.

Sorry we couldn't come through on the TV front: I was at the office. L* made a valiant try, but my wiring of the tv-cable-vcr setup is rather unorthodox and absolutely no good in a pinch.