jueves, marzo 02, 2006

Consumption (no, not the fatal lung disease)

According to All Consuming, I’ve now been reading Almanac of the Dead for 23 weeks. I’m really into it right now. Of course I’m reading it in the evenings in the tub, and it’s pretty hard to drag me out of there. The Marxist was just hung for crimes against indigenous people’s history.

You know what drives me crazy? When I’m reading a book and totally loving it and thinking “no way could I ever teach this in a class.”

Awaiting L*s return from a late meeting, I finally got all caught up on Project Runway! It was a little disappointing, though, because as i was watching the episodes with the final five and the final four, the ads for the big weekend finale listed the names of the final three. oh well. Lost one who i really liked. Kept one just to keep the drama, I'm sure.

Today I turned the compost heap. It stinks. It’s not degrading. I mean, it’s not breaking down into rich stuff for garden soil. I’m this close to throwing the whole thing in the Yard Waste bin and starting from scratch.

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