jueves, marzo 23, 2006

L*, the human Richter scale

So, Tuesday while both L* and I were home there was what I always refer to as a “house-creaking” and L* called out promptly “Earthquake!”

How big do you think that was?

L*: 3.2 at least
K: No way. Somewhere in the twos.

L: I’ll bet you! What do you want to bet?

The upshot of this is that if the magnitude was less than 3.2, L* would make fish tacos within the next seven days. And if it were 3.2 or greater, K would make smothered New Mexico burritos (green).

It was 3.7 (initially reported as a 3.8).

So you know what I’m cooking this weekend.

On a good-sport note, L* made fish tacos for dinner last night.

2 comentarios:

Xolo dijo...

It also matters where it was centered because the intesity diminishes with distance (both vertical and horizontal) from the epicenter.

I say you call it a tie and alternate cooking. And can I come over? Both dishes sound great!

julien dijo...

OMG, that sounds so good. i'd kill for a real burrito, green or otherwise. Can you beieve they sent somebody to SF for a meeting this week and it wasn't me? Ugh!

i still remember the home made scones you made us in NM...
Mmmmm...scones! (in best Homer Simpson voice.