miércoles, septiembre 14, 2005

Tarantula dream

mxi was a kitten again.

On the way home, we saw a grey and white kitten spread out in the road: it might have been hit by a car, or it might have been sleeping. (there was no blood or anything)

We were parking our car in the garage so we could run out and check if the kitten it was mxi.

But when we opened the car door, we realized that mxi was inside the car with us.
and she was fine.

Then L* came home from the pet store with this little bamboo cage that looked like a little handbag.

Inside was a furry tarantula.

L* had bought the tarantula to amuse mxi.

Of course mxi was going crazy trying to get to the tarantula.
but then the bamboo sticks sagged like they were just strips of suede
and had gave no support.

mxi got the tarantula, and then i had to rescue it from her
and put her out of the way, and then the tarantula was hiding behind a fold of carpet.

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