lunes, septiembre 26, 2005

Life ain't nothing but a habit

This has been my mantra for the last couple of months. Came to me when I was out walking and thinking. (Which is not to say I didn't hear it somewhere else--I could have and then it only made sense out on this walk)

Life ain't nothing but a habit

For me, I'm trying to build the habit of walking, the habit of exercise. because that's the only way it works for me, and I'm most successful at building the habit if it makes sense to me. So, walking up to Dimond to return my library books makes sense. Walking to BART makes sense. driving to the gym or driving to Lake Merritt to walk around the lake--not so much.

What I do in the morning is a habit, and usually that's email my friends and family. And I'm moving that to journal writing--not, I hope, a the expense of corresponding with friends and family--just moving it around some, so that instead of feeling like I "goofed off" in the morning, I feel like I'm building my writing habit.

Flossing is a habit, and there's a whole economy based on the idea that flossing is "too hard" "too inconvenient." Taking notes is a habit, and so is leaving things to the last minute. I think a lot of times for me, "habit" has meant "bad habit". But now I realize that Life aint' nothing but a habit.

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