jueves, septiembre 15, 2005

BART people 2

I was on the wrong train. I take the Daly City train to work, but I was on an SFO train. I'm not sure
if it goes to Daly City, because they always tell you to transfer at Balboa park.

So I did.

As the train rushed off without me, the wind it created stirred up my crocheting and also the hair of a lady next to me. Something about the way she grabbed her hair caught my attention. Her hair was shiny like a dolls hair.

And she's prob'ly six feet tall.

Yes, I'm pretty sure she's M2F, and I smile with happiness, looking her way.

I just keep smiling.

Then I start to worry my attention will get her the wrong kind of attention, and so start trying to not look at her.

what a weirdo i am.'

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