martes, septiembre 20, 2005

happy to be here

my grad students ROCK
one of them (one of the bi-girls at NACCS)
told me about a queer latina film: pura lengua

L* is preparing for classes, which start on friday.

I know i'm pms-ing cuz i got snippy with my undergrads
yesterday when they said one aspect of a film was dumb
"if you're not being entertained, maybe you're not getting it"
don't think i said that right. what i meant was, not everything
is designed as entertainment, so instead of saying 'that's dumb,'
maybe you should work a little harder to understand what's going on."

they're good eggs, overall.
but i need to work on the snippy.
snippy is not a good note to end on

Re: People on BART
Machafemme says it's okay to stare, as long as you say "Hi!"

I had a shuttle dream last night, where someone was calling someone else to say *I* was talking shit!

yesterday was butt-cold, prob'ly 60 or 58 degrees :)
I was dying. wish i had a blanket in my office.
or a shawl or a family quilt.
silly silliness.

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