jueves, abril 06, 2006

Top Chef

Have you seen this show? It’s like Project Runway meets the Food network! Fun! Engrossing. Way too much personal drama (Bravo likes to go there: witness BlowOut) but some priceless moments.

The challenges are really imaginative and fun. Some of the contestants are just too stuck up to have fun with it. You want me to what? They did one cocktail party at Mr. S (a leather fetish shop in SoMa).

It was kind of sweet seeing some people looking at the toys saying “what do they do with that?”, and oh mi god, crazy miguel wearing this tam-o-shanter with a shaggy red wig?!

At the other end of the spectrum, they did a lunch for the boys and girls clubs of san francisco. And suddenly the queer white woman who had no trouble feeding the cocktail party guests cookies on her neck was suddenly all “this is so beneath me! I’m not going to pander to their low tastes!”

There are some fabulous people here! Miguel is one of my favorites, as is Dave. Stupid Harold should be slapped for saying he wanted to “educate” the people in the Mission by serving them seared tuna. Stupid Stephen should be slapped just because it would give me so much pleasure . (What is a sommalier doing in this competition?)

It’s as messy as most other reality shows: i.e. all the Black people have already been eliminated, with the guy being framed by the narrative of uncontrollable heterosexuality. In fact on the show where Lisa, the African American woman was eliminated, it was a choice between her and the white guy, which of course was no choice at all.

I hope granola girl gets booted out again.

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LadyK dijo...

Hahaha, Ktrion! I love your take on this show. I am obsessed with it like I was with PR. I missed it Wednesday tho' :-(