viernes, abril 28, 2006


You know that HR 4437 is a big topic right now. A proposed law which will make it a felony to be undocumented, to help someone who's undocumented.

Yesterday, at the school where I volunteer, a seven-year old told me that she heard about the Migra and getting sent back to Mexico, and she was worried and that also there are a couple of areas she wanted to warn me to stay away from.

This was the gist of what I understood in my pocha Spanish, and I called the team leader, who's fully bilingual over, to listen to what la niña was saying. The room grew silent as the team leader spoke softly in Spanish and all the other little girls's attention was riveted. You don't need to worry about this now, m'ija, she said. We'll talk to your mom when she comes for you. "Pero no tengo papeles," cried the seven year old. No, m'ija, it's ok. you don't to worry about this right now.

Just wanted to share with you a moment from a group of potential felons.

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Xolo dijo...

You gotta love those Christian Republican Family Values...

Way to traumatize that illegal alien child! Maybe now she'll go back to her own place on her own.

I have heard that here in Boston "La Migra" was forcing the public transportation security to check the legal status of the people riding the subway and buses.

What are you doing for May 1?

Ktrion dijo...

An excellent question.

On May 1 I am cancelling my classes
rising up with pots and pans in hand
clamoring for attention
wearing white
demanding that this nation recognize that no human being is illegal

May Day in the Bay

sonrisa morena dijo...

things like this anger me!!! i'll be calling in sick on may 1st to march with the rest of my raza...i'm calling my nieces and nephews to see if they want to spend sunday night with me so that we can all march together on monday morning...not that anybody was asking me but i thought i would share with you :-)

Ms.Maegan dijo...

I'm going to share this sad story with my own hija so that she understands why there is no school on Monday for her and why we will be participating in events.

Aqui in NY alot of my fellow spoken word artists are cancelling gigs because of the curiously times crackdowns.

Anónimo dijo...

i hate the ridiculousness that is our country. I will also be marching. if only more ppl in my allwhite place would do it too...

Cracked Chancla dijo...

how sad. no child should ever be made to feel that their world is so insecure or unsafe.

cindylu dijo...

This reminds of the kids featured in the film Fear and Loathing at Hoover Elementary. And people wonder why Chicana/o youth who were born and raised here would carry the flag of Mexico in a rally or student walkout when they feel their families are attacked by this country.